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Make minimum wage equal for all age groups 18+

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As a young person finding a job alone is difficult never mind one that pays a decent "living wage". This is a challenge many young people are facing that are living independently. Recently the UK Parliament have revealed that under 21's will no longer be able to accept housing benefit. This means there is a wide group of young people this is going to effect. Currently the minimum wage for under 21's is £5.60 an hour, with many companies taking advantage of this. Often young people complete the same job roles/tasks that older employees complete but are yet still payed this low wage.

As a foster care leaver I had to live independently from a young age. With the current set minimum wage I cannot afford to live as with costs of rent, council tax and bills there is nothing left. I am positive I am not the only young  person that is frustrated by this and would like to see a set minimum wage, irrelevant of age.

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