Make it an offence to sell golliwogs

Make it an offence to sell golliwogs

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Jade Montserrat
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These are not “black dolls”. They are not playthings.  In some parts of the UK, councils have made it an offence to sell golliwogs. Robertson's jam recognised this a long time ago. I want to build from that now please.

Golliwogs for instance remain in the window of Nic Nacs, 2 Eastborough, Scarborough, remain, despite the police suggesting that they be displayed discreetly inside the shop.

People, vendors, are holding onto these objects for violent means - they are far from benign. Golliwogs guarantee subordination and symbolise an ever pervasive sense of expectation and reverence for a phantom benevolence. They are also very scary; the expectation of assimilation symbolised by these is violent. Seeing them in the public spaces, in window displays is a daily reminder of black positionality and representation in towns such Scarborough.

As we welcome a diversity of vision here,that mirrors me personally,  let's also care and ensure all our residents as well as national safety. We have invested a fortune in the market area and the first thing people see as they approach the market from the bus and train station, are these golliwogs hanging in the window. Individual complaints are unsafe - the owner is threatening and aggressive. I am personally only now finding the language to defend myself - we should be complicit no longer in ensuring that the environment we are all growing in remains a space where we have to defend our distress. These dolls lead to confusion, a sense of distinct inferiority, and the invalidation of experiences and distress. Lets at the least demand of our representatives that they understand the violence that these dolls represent.