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Make it an offence to deliberately record unknown children without parents permission

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I caught a stranger recording my child and others at a toddler dance class. I brought this to the attention of the person in charge and everyone as a group was reminded that there is no recording in class. This stranger then continued and I had to intervene and ask her to stop recording my daughter, who was just stood still at the time. As I was leaving, the two strangers came up to me when I was alone with my young daughter and were confrontational and had a threatening manner. Luckily someone else came to my aid. 

I reported this to the police and was stunned to find that no law had been broken. 

Currently it is completely legal to deliberately film or take photos of children that are unknown to you. It only becomes a crime when that media footage is used for illegal purposes. 

While it is reasonable that other children may inadvertently get caught in the background of filming or photographing friends or relatives, it is completely unacceptable to directly focus on other, unknown children. It is even more unacceptable to continue to do so after parents have asked you to stop. The police should also have the powers to completely erase any footage taken. 

In the society we live in today, as parents we have to be vigilant and we need the law on our side, we shouldn't have to wait for footage to be used in an illegal, inappropriate and damaging way. There should be preventative measures in place. 

Its time to protect our children. 

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