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Make it a criminal offence for a women to lie about the paternity of their child

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I think it should be illegal for a woman to lie about a child's paternity in court and on a birth certificate when they are not 100% sure. 

When I met my fiancé, he was the father to a 6 month old, and the little girls mother was refusing him access. He didn't think he had rights, I knew he did. We wrote letters upon letters and his ex partner wouldn't budge - it was contact on her terms and under her watchful eye only. What sort of a relationship did this create?

Fast forward 2 years ... we spent almost £12,000 in an almost year long court battle - costs included maintenance paid every week, solicitor fees, drugs tests, supervised contact - his ex wanted the lot. She made accusation after accusation to stop him seeing that poor little girl. I fell pregnant and the situation got worse - it was a constant battle with her and had to be on her terms only. Whilst I was in labour, my fiancé was in court fighting for the final order. Last October we were chuffed that we had unsupervised access, holidays, Christmas, birthdays and the court agreed there was no reason we shouldn't be involved. At the first court hearing, we asked whether there was any doubt about the paternity, and his ex said she was 100% sure he was the father. 

Fast forward to Feb this year and we did a piece of mind DNA test, as we were in the process in going back to court for the psycho ex breaching the order. When the results came back, they proved that my fiancé wasn't the biological father.  She's admitted she was sleeping with two people but still adamant she was 100% sure - you can't be both right?

Its taken us 7 months to apply to court to have his name removed from the birth certificate and his ex is refusing to pay any money back. Police say she's done nothing criminally wrong, and it's costing us another small fortune to fight her in a civil court for the money. 

To make matters worse, she's put her own child throug and hell, prevented some poor bloke knowing he has a daughter for over 3 years! Oh and the best bit - she works with kids?! ... would you want her being a role model to YOUR child??

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