Make hostels a safer place for the homeless, to many now feel safer on the streets

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To many people are refusing to go into homeless hostels because of fear of being mugged by people staying there, people are freezing to death on the street because they feel safer there.

Some people trying to quit addictions are reluctant to go into hostels because they don't want to be surrounded by drugs and alcohol.

Hostels also take early release prisoners making them an open prison without security. 

To keep people that are unfortunate enough to become homeless safe we need ...

Dry hostels that are properly ran for people trying to recover from addictions.

Safer hostels where people suffering serious illness and taking medication don't feel like a target. 

And if they are to be used as a place for early prison release ensure there is enough security to run what is basically an open prison.

Make our hostels safe for our homeless and help prevent deaths on our streets. central/2018-03-02/homeless- man-found-dead-near-church- after-sleeping-rough-in- freezing-temperatures/

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