Make Basic Education About Organ Donation A Part Of The Secondary School Curriculum.

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I have created this petition in the hope to make basic education about organ donation in all UK secondary schools compulsory and part of the national school curriculum.

My little brother was born with a rare genetic liver disease called PFIC which led to liver failure when he was just two years old. He underwent a liver transplant nine years ago to save his life. Without his donor and incredible donor family who we have since been lucky enough to meet he would not be here today. I have seen him go from being dangerously ill to defying all the odds and enjoying life, like every child should be able to. He and so many others are proof of how successful and life-changing organ donation can be. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Currently in the UK there are over 3,700 people waiting for an organ transplant and sadly around three of these people die every day due to the shortage of donors. This should not be the case and more should be done to educate people about the countless benefits of organ donation and raise awareness to get the nation talking about their wishes.

I believe that in order to save hundreds of more lives in addition to the ones saved by the new law regarding organ donation, we must make education about organ donation a compulsory part of the secondary school curriculum. This is vital because families still make the final decision wether or not to donate their loved ones organs should they pass away under tragic circumstances and if they have had the organ donation conversation beforehand and are aware of their loved ones wishes, they are much more likely to say yes. The resources are already available thanks to NHS Blood and Transplant, who have worked hard to create age appropriate lessons about organ donation for secondary school students, as well as resources and support for teachers. These are just three short lessons throughout the whole school year and are flexible as to when in the school year they are taught (they could even be taught during organ donation week each year). Something small and simple like this will make a huge difference and save so many more lives. All we need to do is to get these resources and lessons into schools and start educating the students. We must put education before assumption. We must make organ donation the norm rather than the exception. Young people are our future and if they are educated on the matter, we will not only be saving more lives but also getting a step closer to ending the waiting list for future generations.

As a secondary school student myself and having seen the countless benefits of organ donation first hand, I know just how important it would be for education about organ donation to be made part of the school curriculum.

You have the chance to save lives and make a difference. Please sign and share the petition. We need 10,000 signatures to get a response from the government, 100,000 signatures to have the petition discussed in parliament and a lot of support from you! 

Thank you for reading this, I really appreciate your support. Together we can make a difference.

Fanni Doroti Polgar