Make easing of lockdown restrictions accessible to everyone with disabilities

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The UK has already started easing some of the lockdown measures and non essential retail shops set to open on the 15th of June and hairdressers, beauty salons and some of the hospitality sector opening from the 4th of July. 

At the moment we all have to queue to get in to supermarkets, pharmacies and other places have been able to remain open, this is going to be the same for non essential retail, restaurants and public transport, due not being able to accomodate full capacity because of social distancing rules. This has been described as our new normal, however not once have I heard in the media or the daily briefings, how they are going to make this accessible for people with disabilities who do and will struggle to the 'new normal' proposed queuing system, which will become a part of our daily lives. How is this fair for thousands of people who might have to miss participating in everyday essential and social activities, just because this new normal hasn't been accessible to accommodate their physical needs. This should be a change that everyone can access! 

I have many disabilities/long term conditions myself which creates enough barriers, one of my conditions is called, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which causes me to pass out on a regular basis, one of things it is triggered by is prolonged standing. I am not the only person with this condition nor other disabilities and medical conditions, as to why this new queuing system to get in to essential places or be able to participate in social activities, creates a barrier for people like us. Imagine not being able to go shopping for some clothes, have a meal out with your friends and family or access public transport, just because you cannot stand in the queue. Disabled people go through enough on a daily basis without having to worry how they will go about their daily lives. 

I think The Government needs to have an urgent review of this matter and to come up with some solutions on how further easing of lockdown measures can be made  accessible and enjoyable for people with disabilities, who until this I think have been forgotten. They need to make sure that business can enforce accessibility for all including disabled people.