Make Dual SIM phones available as standard in the UK

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In this age of travel and fast moving price competition Mobile Phone service providers are still ensuring mobile phones available in the UK are almost exclusively single SIM variants in an attempt to lock customers into their services. In so doing they are manipulating the market and stagnating price competition.

You find yourself travelling regularly on business to say America, Africa or the Caribbean and find you have no option but to use your carriers often expensive tariffs or often the only other option (should you have remembered or managed to have your mobile unlocked before you leave the UK) is to remove the SIM everybody calls you on and which connects to all your social media and buy a cheaper foreign SIM and go through the attendant (getting all your numbers back, setting up SMS,APN's etc.) problems . Or imagine you employer is getting more and more concerned about cost cutting and is frowning on your personal calls or, you are a self employed small business person and you want to differentiate between personal and business calls. All these and many more scenarios have you frustrated and all just simply so the service providers can do what they have always done and make huge profits whilst cutting the value of our services and complaining they have too many rules to follow.

Perhaps you have experienced these frustrations, are yet to but can see the value in being able to have choice to use more than one provider without having to carry an extra phone or are simply fed up with us in the UK always getting the sharp end when the rest of our European neighbours are treated fairly. Lets tell our government and our consumer protectors that we are fed-up and we want action. We want Dual SIM phones to be the standard and norm rather than a rarity.

Please Join me and lets send out a loud message that we will not stand for this any longer. We deserve the right to be treated like sensible people who can make informed choices that would often mean we would remain with a provider but just have the option not to have to pay exorbitant amounts on our holiday or business/personal calls by making use of another provider/service. These phones in many cases may be subsidised by the network (hence the inflexibility and tie-in) but the monopoly situation also strongly prejudices against many who prefer to buy outright and use Pay as you go by restricting device choice and availability which at times can lead you into all sorts of trouble with foreign sourcing. Lets make it clear enough is enough. Dual SIM phones must become available at launch time for all phones that have the facility elsewhere in the world.

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