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Lets make online Catfishing in the U.K. A CRIMINAL OFFENCE

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My Name is Rebecca.  I am a nanny from SW London and have recently been the victim of a vicious online Catfish. 

This man (who pretended to be a woman) seems to have directly targeted LGBT women. 

He held me emotionally captive for 6 months, by using emotional blackmail until I was finally able to cut ties with her (at this point I didn't know she was actually a he). 

I have since found out that he has actually taken pictures of me and used them to create yet another fake persona and unfortunately has successfully catfished another woman online who I am now in touch with. 

I myself am very fortunate that I did not ever meet this man as he may well be a very dangerous and deranged individual. 

The tirade of emotional abuse that he has put me through (and other women as well) can only be described as horrific. 

After finding out about him using my photos to pretend to be me, I finally got up the courage to report him to the police, only to be told that there was nothing they could do because he has not committed a crime. This to me is ASTOUNDING! 

I am creating this petition to get the law changed, so that it protects victims of online predators such as myself. I move to make online Catfishing a criminal offence here in the U.K. 

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