Make Background Checks Compulsory for Potential Pet Owners

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Everyday, innocent cats and dogs are being subjected to neglect and/or violent outbreaks committed by their owners. Many animals have to endure pain and suffering. Why is this important?

As human beings, it is our duty to show empathy and care for animals that we share the Earth with and ensure that they live good lives. 

According to the RSPCA, last year around 81,146 cruelty investigations were conducted regarding abuse towards dogs and double that amount regarding abuse towards cats. 
While over a million cases for animal abuse are reported each year, only 100,000 are investigated. This means there are many animals that are not given the attention they require, leading to many to suffer horrific deaths as a result of the abuse. 

To ensure that pets are brought into safe environments where they are properly looked after, as well as relieving the stress of overcrowding in animal rescue shelters, we must make sure that potential owners are checked for a history of violence or neglect. We should also ensure that would-be owners have the capability, care and patience to look after a pet.

We can possibly achieve this by having a DBS or perhaps an interview process conducted by an independent party to avoid a potential bias from sellers. 

If we look into potential pet owners, we could prevent the millions of cases reported each year as pets are more likely to be placed into the care of loving families. If we do not take action, animal shelters (that are very underfunded) will continue to overcrowd, unfortunately leading to many animals being unnecessarily euthanised. These are the same animals that spent a lot of their life abused. They deserve to be cared for.