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Make it Mandatory, all Judges take a drugs test regularly.

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Just over a year ago, the father of my two little children got arrested and charged with Conspiracy to import drugs, he was arrested while sat on his car awaiting for his friend to pick up, eventually he was given bail only to be rearrested 6 months after and faced the charges of Conspiracy to import drugs, without a shed of evidence that involved him he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.He was and is a very respected human being who never dealt with such things, but was a working family man, most recently prior to being arrested for the second time was regularly working for Parcel Force over 10 hours a day 6 days a week and paying his taxes, legal in the country and had never history of this kind what's so ever, yet the Honourable Judge sentenced him to 20 years because the scale of the whole operation by NCA was too big to let him go, and the reason for sentencing outside the guide lines was that the Honourable Judge didn't believe his side of the story,

It gives me chills to think how dangerous our world is, you can be sat in your property be in a house or a car and next minute you have someone say to you i do not believe what you are telling me and because in Conspiracy apparently evidence is not necessary, they have the right to sentence you to whatever pleases them under the effect of some kind of substance which is the reason i'm starting this petition.

Having had one of the most corrupt solicitors in the whole world didn't help him either as his representative strongly advised him to go guilty plea  based on the evidence, (which their were none) on the basis of not knowing the scale of the conspiracy, but how do you plead guilty to conspiracy and than have to prove that you are not aware of it? Anyone with a little knowledge in the legal system would laugh at this advice as i have had many laugh at my self as the mother of his two children, i have tried and will never stop until the truth comes alight to appeal his conviction and as for his previous representative if not a Judge, The Almighty will get them where it hurts the most, same as my 4 and 2 year olds are suffering.

Getting to the point of this petition,many people and i would like something done for all Judges to have a mandatory regular drugs tests before they deal with drugs cases, or any cases for that matter, i believe is not much to ask if they have nothing to hide is there?

I would have never thought or imagined i would be in this situation i'm now and trust me when i say this can happened to any one of us  and this is what I hope many people can come forward and support this petition as i personally witnessed in a court  of law a behaviour of nothing more than someone who was in effect of some substance that was not right nor legal, but at least many together can try and put a stop to the outcome that the father of my two children had.



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