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Lower insurance premiums for younger drivers

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Each year insurance premiums for young drivers rise more and more. The Introduction of telematics was created to reward safe drivers with lower premiums but the average new driver still spends between £2000 - £3000 for the first years insurance on insurance category b to e cars. If your on minimum wage working full time between the age of 18-21 that close to 20% of your annual earnings! A lot of young people in the United Kingdom need a car as an essential to commute to work, college. The is alot of sencible young drivers who are financially struggling to keep driving due to a constant and extortionate rise in insurance premiums, due to insurance providers being stereo typical and ageist against younger generations. CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE!


1. Insurance providers should lower premiums on popular first cars. (E.g Vauxhall corsa 1.4, Ford fiesta 1.0 eco boost, Reanult Clio 1.2 ) 

2. Lower premiums on cheaper cars. Alot of people spend from £500-1000 on a first car and the insurance premium is normally 3-4x the cars value! This is unnecessary and in justified! 

3. Take personal circumstances more in to consideration. A lot of people who have kids (for example) have a higher premium even though they're more likely to be safer drivers!

4. Be logical! It's a criminal offence to drive without valid insurance in the UK. Making car insurance an ESSENTIAL for long distance commuters and family's who need to travel. But they can't afford to pay the high premiums! 

5. Lower insurance premiums on Electric, Hybrid and fuel efficient petrol engines. Alot of young drivers don't have much money to spend on fuel so are naturally attracted to more efficient cars. This could also benefit the environment as it could increase the use of hybrid/electric cars


1. Younger drivers will be able to gain more driving experience.

2. The amount of un-insured drivers will drop due to more affordable premiums making roads safer to drive on. 

3. Young drivers will be able to commute further distances​ to find work and car sales could possibly rise. Which could benefit​ the UK's economy.

4. As stated in change preposal 5. The environment could benefit from an increase in hybrid/electric and fuel efficient cars. Cutting down on air pollution, noise pollution and use of fossil fuels.


our first petition did not give us the answer we was looking for. But now with a more in depth view of how lower insurance premiums can benefit us, We can change and improve younger drivers and makes roads safer. 

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