Lockdown In the UK

Lockdown In the UK

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Right now, we know that the cases in the UK of Covid19 and Omicron are flying high. The deaths have also reached a dreadful number! 

Loads of UK residents want lockdown and closure of schools but their voice isnt being heard!! To control the cases and the deaths, the only thing we want is lockdown so we can be safe and our families can too. If we continue like this, it will eventually turn into what 2020 was like, loads of cases, deaths, and sadness �

Even though lockdown will keep us apart, its better than being in hospital, sick �. Only people who cant work from home should go out to work and if you can then stay home! 

There probably is no other way we can control the number of cases and deaths!! Vaccines isnt an option because there are still thousand of people refusing to get vaccinated. Of course it isnt ideal to stay home, but to stay away from getting ill or even seriously ill and putting vulnerable people at risk, lockdown is better!

This can impact everyone because right now, everyone is at risk of getting the virus, and the new variant and youll be putting other people at risk to! If measures are not taken, this could end up like 2022 or even worse!

So you want to keep everyone including yourself safe, sign the petition!!

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!