Lock down United Kingdom

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I am going to keep this short and sweet as we are all well aware of Covid-19.

Whether you take it seriously and are taking all precautions you can as an individual, or whether you're shrugging it off as any other flu type of illness and think "the media are hyping it up", I believe we need to put into practice some form of lockdown across the UK.

I'm aware, as all of you are, that there have been talks of what measures should be put in place. I however, do not think that enough precautions are actually being carried out. Washing hands is a great start but that is not going to stop thousands more getting the virus. The more it's spread the harder it will be to shift. If we lockdown early, then the spread of the virus should hopefully slow down enough for us to be able to keep up with it. 

It is impossible to shut everything, but where we can keep safe I fully believe that we should be. If people are being asked to work from home, where possible, then why have we not asked parents to keep children at home if possible, or even shut schools completely. This might seem like an extreme measure but we all know our children are super spreaders of germs and illnesses.

Should we not be protecting the people of the UK where we can? Why wait until it's too late to the point we can't cope. The NHS are amazing but they can only continue to be amazing if we try our hardest to stop the spread of Corona virus.

Please support my petition and share far and wide. This is a serious matter, one not to be taken lightly.

Lock down the UK before we are unable to manage! Parliament must take this seriously and protect our people above all else.