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Dear NHS, Dear government
This is a peace protest of common sense
I know that none of you have really faced what goes on every day
Yet you sit there and dictate our lives,
But act surprised when you see a reprise of the 60's miners strikes.
Do you not hear the cries?
Of the families living on the breadline.
Instead you persecute them for a crime that you committed.
Raise their taxes and cut the ones that need it least
I'm not asking to be communist, but maybe if you raise the taxes of the rich, be robin hood for a country in need.
The public would like you more and instead of spending it on charity and war, look to home to start fixing our economy more
Its at its worst, even after the colonial war.
Don't you see our health system is breached?
Knife crime rises, depression is at its highest, yet because it doesn't directly effect you think its okay to abhor and ignore it?
Working class is what built this land, working class is what lets you sit on your pedestal, so instead of being rhudimentary,
Why not become something worth commentary? Haven't you read History? The people can rise and cause controversy.
But ignore all you want, it'll happen anyway.
So, there's some ideas for you to take:
Cut the workers taxes and raise the rich's
Enable the workers priority in your case.
Cut the management layers, don't replace.
Micro management never helped in any case.
Lower the fees of uni and grant scholarships to those in need.
Make the education system a better place, for all learners. Not just the visual and audio types.
Apply more logic to your cabinates, like the Canadians did. Have a doctor as the health secretary, have a farmer as environmental.
Speaking of farmers, why not be more proactive?
They make the food on your plate, without them we'd import everything. Champion the British label and use it instead of letting lay waste.

Thank you for reading, I hope you sign to get this to the House of parliament; I'm hoping it may make those in power aware of the struggles of the working class. Nobody deserves the fear of knowing you cannot afford food for a month. 

If anything is to come of this, I will stand by it and my words through all. I believe these some ideas will aid the country. I hope both main Parties can put aside the pettiness of their opposition and work together to achieve a greater United kingdom. Especially with Brexit looming ever closer.

Zoë (20 and disabled student) 

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