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List sexual assault as an extenuating circumstance within all UK University Regulations

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Firstly, an Extenuating Circumstance is an unforeseen illness, event, or set of circumstances which adversely affects a students ability to complete an assignment or exam. Therefore, appropriate adjustments can be made including providing extensions or otherwise appropriate measures to counter the aforementioned circumstances.

End Violence Against Women have found that: "1 in 7 women students experience serious physical or sexual assault during their time as a student, and 68% of young women have experienced sexual harassment whilst at university or college". It is important to remember that Men are also victims of sexual assault, and this campaign will benefit all victims at University.

There have been a large number of initiatives put into place looking to PREVENT sexual assaults from occurring within Universities, however, there aren't many initiatives looking at what can be done to HELP those victims of sexual assault whilst at University. 

One hugely important way to help is to incorporate being a victim of sexual assault as an Extenuating Circumstance within University Regulations. It was reported this year that ONLY 4 Universities in the UK list sexual assault as a viable Extenuating Circumstance.

Notoriously victims of sexual assault are subdued to many stereotypes which lead to them not seeking help, not listing sexual assault as an Extenuating Circumstance is one way that this ideology is being supported.

If you have been affected by anything you have read in this petition, please contact your local SARC for further support services.

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