License to Trade for UK Holiday Accommodation

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Currently the UK holiday Accommodation sector is basically unregulated, potentially exposing the general public to potential dangers of many different types.

  1. Exposure to the dangers of badly maintained electrical/gas or other services, with the ultimate risk of death
  2. Exposure to property, fixtures and fittings which are badly maintained with a real risk of personal injury or worse.
  3. The risk of exposure to individuals with criminal records or other problem back grounds
  4. Exposure to levels of public service well below standards any normal person should expect
  5. Exposure to levels of Hygiene well below what any normal person should expect.

Many of these are extremely difficult for existing regulations to tackle and so go unchallenged, giving the British Hospitality sector an extremely poor reputation. Added to this currently certain On Line Travel Agents have a policy of listing any property with no respect for the levels of quality or service, and misrepresenting the property in order to generate commission. ( A problem currently under investigation by the Competition and Market Authority)

What is so desperately needed is a "License to Trade" in a similar way that Taxi's get licensed so when the public get into a Taxi they know the taxi will be #CleanSafeLegal and if anything is not right there is a process and body to investigate the issues.The public deserve the reassurance that when they check into any holiday accommodation it will be #CleanSafeLegal, and if it is not they will have an appropriate authority to investigate.

To continue as we are leaves the paying guests at risk, serious risk or even death. Those holiday accommodation businesses that are doing the right thing deserve a level playing field so that those that currently cut corners and offer the most dire conditions must at least provide an acceptable standard of quality and service or risk being closed down.