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LGV Drivers against automation, stop the government convoy testing

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As LGV drivers we are trained and experienced to know and understand everything about our vehicles and the way they handle in different circumstances. The thought of driving close to the lorry in front of us goes against everything we know about our personal safety.

Most fatalities in our industry are caused when one vehicle rear ends another, this is why we keep a good distance apart, the government trial of convoy automation is a step to far as this would put us directly in danger for the sake of saving fuel. What is more important, our lives of fuel economy? 

The systems can predict the expected but how could it predict the rapid deceleration of through mechanical failure like gearbox/differential failure or catastrophic loss of air causing trailer brakes to lock up. Any vehicle following closely would not have the ability to reflect this rate of deceleration due to ABS and other safety features.

Would ministers like their lives put into the hands of computers? I think not! Let's show them we are not willing to allow this!

sign the petition and show them we are not failsafe's, how them we are drivers and we will not let them take that away from us!



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