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Let us make murderers say where the bodies of their victims are.

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I am disgusted at the fact we are currently apparently powerless to make them say where the victim is.

When murderers refuse to say where the bodies of their victims are they pass a true life sentence on the family and friends.

Think about this for a moment and think about how you would feel if you lost a member of your family to murder and the murderer just refused to say where the body was, never ever knowing closure because the murderer is allowed to just refuse with no fear of penalty to say what they have done with the body of the victim.

 I apologise to the family if I am stirring up painful memories but I read in the news today that a murderer by the name of Stuart Campbell who happened to be the victim’s uncle is potentially up for parole in the next four years and yet he has still not said where and what he did with the body of his niece.  Why should he walk free in about four years time while the family are still suffering the mental anguish of never being able to say goodbye and attend their Childs funeral.

 No one forces a criminal to be a criminal it is a choice that they make themselves, and the moment they commit any criminal act they are by that act refusing to recognise the rights of the victim and as such they should understand that they should forgo any claim to any rights themselves.

 I think it is about time that the courts in this land issued an automatic and simple sentence to murderers, “until you divulge the whereabouts of the victim/s you will stay in prison” and for this sentence to run alongside the sentence for the crime.  Thus it is simple the judge sets the minimum term of the sentence and the murderer then set their own maximum.  

 This should not be seen as an infringement of rights as the murderer once they have completed the stated minimum can bring this sentence to an end at any time simply by saying where the body is.

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