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Let's build a new parliament in Birmingham

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When even MPs doubt the wisdom of spending £7 billion refurbishing the current Houses of Parliament you know it’s time for fresh thinking.
Let’s abandon the current inappropriate buildings and move our legislature to a new more efficient building that works for both our representatives and for us.
Let’s save money and create a building that embodies the values of inclusivity and transparency so important in a 21st Century democracy.
Let’s move it to the centre of the country and signal ‘we govern for the whole nation.'
Let’s build the new parliament in Birmingham, close to the NEC.
In truth the current buildings were an anachronism from the day in 1870 they became fully functional. Inexplicably the architects chose to look back to the gothic era for inspiration, mimicking the castles erected by our rulers three centuries earlier, when buildings of governance were designed to strike fear and deference into the population and to hide the decision makers and their decisions from the governed. And so it is  with our current Houses of Parliament, approachable only from one direction with windows so obscured by the gothic detailing the walls look solid, threatening towers at each corner, hidden quadrangles in the interior.
We need a modern building that in its location and personality invites scrutiny and speaks of transparency and plurality. That says ‘come in’, ‘join the debate,’ ‘see what is happening’. These 21st century values are impossible to achieve in the existing 15th century inspired building.
In the centre of the country with excellent transport links, the NEC has its own station and is moments from Birmingham airport, it will mean easier travel for most MPs and constituents. It will change the outlook of MPs and help them govern for all the country.
The build cost and the on-going spend will help boost the West Midlands and be a real contribution to rebalancing our economy.
The additional offices, for members, in Portcullis house, beside the Parliament, can be converted into social housing. This with the 500 or so properties  that will be vacated by MPs when Parliament moves will help reduce prices and rents in the capital.
The existing building can become a major tourist attraction, a People’s Palace that will generate the money required to make it safe and extend its life.
It will save over £5 billion.
It will regenerate a region
It will regenerate our democracy.
It might just save the United Kingdom from fracturing!

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