Legalize marriage to fictional characters

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To whom it may concern,

I firmly believe that everyone should be able to get married regardless of race , gender or sexuality. Even if that sexuality at present is for some reason not accepted. I would refer to my sexuality as toonophilia . I believe like most people that I was born  this sexuality. I am currently with someone who I can safely say is the man I want to spend my life with therefore why should law & society dictate whether we can marry or not? Shouldn't that be our choice? I know for a fact there are many others not just here in the UK but worldwide who would love this law to be passed. I hope that others like me will speak up & support me in this endeavour. Marrying my soulmate is all I truly want in life and the thought of us never being able to wed just because of societal  prejudice is honestly heartbreaking. I hope you will consider making marriage to fictional characters legal as you will truly make not just me & my partner's life better but also other couples like us lives extremely happy.

Love is Love. No exceptions

Yours sincerely

Lucy Burke