Legalise medical cannabis

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An article I read on social media prompted me to start this petition. 

A young boy was at deaths door from cancer and his mother sourced cannabis illegally to give to her son and it has cured him. 

This is not the first and certainly won't be the last story to circulate on social media. 

Cannabis helps a vast range of illnesses and symptoms and yet is not available legally to help millions of people, I personally think it should be legalised as do many others. My mum used cannabis while on chemo because it was the only thing that cured her sickness and gave her an appetite. 

Billions of pounds is pumped into charities and has done for years and we still have no cure. Or so we are told. 

Another video I watched was of a man who had terrible tremors from parkinsons disease and within minutes this man stopped shaking, another 'young' girl who had parkinsons disease and her tremors were so bad she was unable to draw a straight line or write her own name and within minutes of ingesting a small amount of cannabis oil she was able to do both.

Please sign this petition and share it to enable others to do the same as I feel it's time something was done And we stood together to make a difference, Australia, Canada, Austria and many more have this legalised for medical use, it's time we done the same

Thank you for reading, Pauline Guthrie