Legalise Cannabis oil for medical purposes

Legalise Cannabis oil for medical purposes

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My eldest son has suffered with countless epileptic seizures for 10 years now and we’ve found no medication that keeps them under control for more than 1 1/2 years. Cameron has endured horrific accidents including broken limbs, head injuries and horrible facial injuries requiring stitches.

Cameron has no warning of his seizures coming on so is a big risk as when he’s out he can go down at anytime with no warning! 

I have been following the successful stories of children and adults around the world of using cbd oil to treat their epilepsy and have had amazing results, cbd oil that contains thc is currently illegal in the UK, this is what helps epilepsy sufferers live a more stable and safe life and we should not be made to watch our children and loved ones suffer when there is something that grows naturally in this world that can help epilepsy sufferers and not to mention the countless other illnesses and diseases so many of us will endure in our lifetimes such as cancers, brain tumours, and fibromyalgia sufferers and lots of other illnesses!

please help me by signing this petition and sharing far and wide to get this government to consider legalising it for medical purposes to save our suffering loved ones!