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Legal action for children who abuse children

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Many of you will have seen BBC’s Panorama ‘When kids abuse kids’. Like myself, you will also find this hard to comprehend, But because most of us have, or care for young children we can’t help but find this  an intriguing insight into what is happening in the world our children are growing up in.

The title itself is pretty self explanatory. Children are sexually abusing other children, much of this abuse takes part at school and teachers do not have the authority or knowledge to know what to do, meaning many young children are made to feel victimised or in some cases even told to move schools instead of the defendant child being dealt with accordingly. 

Our children are being made to grow up too soon with the likes of mobile phones and social media, pornography is so easy for children to access with the internet being at the touch of a button. Children are being made to feel they have to send sexually explicit photographs of theirselves to other children in fear they will be bullied if they refuse, it is also illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to send these photos or indeed to be in possession of them.

Our children are afraid to speak out in fear they will not be believed, they will be bullied by other children for ‘grassing’ or for the simple fact that there is no law to punish or prevent the perpetrators from doing these things again.

Our children are being shaped by this abuse and it is having huge impacts on their future lives, some fail at school or drop out, they refuse to go because they are scared or end up misbehaving, they are also developing mental health problems due to this increasing amount of sexual abuse from other children.

As if this is not enough, Reports in the last 4 years of sexual offences by children age 10 and under, yes I repeat - TEN YEARS OLD and younger have doubled. This means primary school children are now abusing other children and being subject to sexual abuse.

My daughter is 6 years old and on top of all the other concerns parents and carers have for young children, we now have to add sexual abuse by their peers into the mix also.

This NEEDS to be addressed promptly and correctly by the UK parliament so the police and other authorities have laws over these children who commit these crimes and victims are being given the correct support from schools and other professionals to help them through this abuse. 

If our children are being brought into a world that is developing them sexually before the correct age and they commit these offences, then they should also be dealt with by authorities in the same way. 

Please support me on this petition not only for the sake of my child, your own child, your young family members, your friends children, your god children, but every child in the UK that is at risk of being sexually abused by another child.

Our children are the next generation, they need to be nurtured, cared for and protected in every aspect of life. 

Thank you

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