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Law change for harsher punishments for violent young offenders.

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I am speaking on behalf of my Husband, my 1yr old daughter and the family of the man that was brutally attacked and murdered. Only weeks after assaulting my husband for protecting me and our little girl, this group felt to up their game, to take it further, so to speak and attack and kill a man for defending himself. These boys are not facing justice. The ring leader got a small fine and his folowers were let go. These boys have learnt that the law does not apply to them. They take advantage of the system set in place to protect the innocent, like my little girl. How can i let her grow up in a world that lets violent youths get away with murder.


What needs to happen to stop this kind of behavior is for them to have learnt their lesson for their first offence. 20 boys in a group...5 were the violent ones. They got away with assaulting my husband because they said they felt threatened. 20 boys felt treatened by a husband, wife and 1yr old little girl. Its a ridiculous situation that should have been dealt with appropriately instead of not at all.


My husband has been in contact with a mutual friend of the man that was murdered. we are all suffering from a massive sense of injustice. At the moment my husband is suffering from PTSD from life filled with this kind of situation. Assault after assault meant we needed to move out of London. We chose to live in a quiet town by a quiet canal. Middle of the summer holidays and these boys surrounded us and changed our lives forever. It is my duty as a Mum to not let my little girl grow up in a world filled with people who think that violently attacking someone is ok. Treat others how you want to be treated. Respect is earned not given and i feel these boys know nothing of respect. They must understand that this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.

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