Keep children out of school during the COVID-19 crisis

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Stop Primary schools across the country from re-opening during the COVID-19 crisis. The UK government have announced the opening of Primary schools for nursery, reception, year one and year six from the 1st of June. This is not safe. There is no viable way of socially distancing these children. Staff, the parents of these children and the children themselves will be more at risk of catching the virus and spreading it to their families and communities. PPE needs to be in place for this environment and given at no extra cost to the schools. Secondary schools, colleges and universities are not to be opened until September when there is a clearer understanding of how the virus is being contained and dealt with. So why not primary schools too? Young children are well known for hugging and getting close to one another so how are they expected to keep two metres apart from each other and teachers? The cleanliness of the schools is another problem that needs to be clarified by our government. How are books and other resources meant to be kept clean? It is nearly impossible for absolutely everything to be wiped down and sanitised daily or more. Elderly teachers and teachers with a compromised immune system will now be expected to go to a setting where they are more at risk. This is not okay. This is not sensible. Schools need to remain closed until September to protect everyone and avoid a second spike.