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Justice for zainab & every victim of Rape

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I am carrying this petition to make a movement of change of punishment towards the those who are found guilty of sexual assault and rape internationally but in the Uk as well. Especially gang rape which have no excuse of not being given the harshest punishment possible personally a death penalty is what I call justice of some sort as we can not relate the pain of the victim and their loved ones especially in the case of this 7 year old child who was also murdered  

Hearing the incident of Zainab in Pakistan not the first child neither the last unfortunately in our society it is not a problem of one nation but every nation it’s a international crime which is taken lightly in my opinion once we see one child or one incident which gest viral on media we all come together in solidarity and then forget about it and carry on with our daily lives as the victim is still either waiting for justice it never gained or justice that can not be recognised as justice to anyone with the heart of humanity .
According to the information gathered from the localsolicters 8 years is the average sentence and one in seven rapists is less than 4 years in jail. Even though the maximum sentence is life in prison. as we all should know a life sentences don’t mean it will be for the rest of their life as a parole is provided. Now I ask you the question do you believe this is a justice punishment.
In my opinion after all evidence are presented and investigation is carried out in a procedure which looks closely to these evidences the minimum punishment should be life sentence without a parole and maximum death sentence however that may be something that can be debated in parliament and by the public in Uk and internationally however the minimum should be life in prison. Not 8years or 4years, LIFE sentence even if parole is given this punishment should still be the minimum.
So those who even think of committing these crimes think twice before they commit them, and I hope we never hear a story such as of Zainab or anyone else a child to an adult male or female.
Uk as an individual has flaw in its system of giving justice to victims and the problem of false accusers I believe false accusers of rape should be punished as they not only ruin lives of those who are innocence but in my opinion, have committed a crime against all true victims of sexual assault and rape how much we give solidarity we will never understand the pain of the victims and their loved ones who can never fully move on.
To the international crowd from UNHCR to whatever international organization who cares about this specific topic to put pressure on countries to bring a change in their law regarding this matter also.


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