Justice for Walid Habib

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Walid Habib is currently serving a 33 year sentence in prison, of which he has two cases running consecutively. He was wrongfully convicted in 2014 and 2015, for drugs, firearm offences and witness intimidation which his co-defendant's have pleaded guilty to. Walid was set up by Essex police, his case was flawed start to finish. Essex police fabricated and planted evidence. The Judge, HHJ Christopher Ball QC,  was very biased and not fair towards Walid. He cannot read or write and was not provided with any help from the court to follow the court proceedings and the case involved lots of paperwork and he did not know what was going on.

HHJ Ball QC summarised in a wholly biased and unfair way towards Walid to the extent that the barristers of the co-defendants actually left the court in disgust stating they were shocked by the tone and content of the summation.There has been a big miscarriage of justice and Walid has been convicted for crimes that he did not commit and received excessive consecutive sentences for those offences. At the very least the Judge should have run both cases concurrent as they both relate to the same case and the sentences should have been concurrent.

There are many people who have committed horrific crimes who have received lower sentences. Essex police were corrupt, planted fabricated evidence, tampered with witnesses and ensured Walid did not have a fair trial. Essex police need to be investigated by the police complaints commissioner as they have not acted in the way they should. The Judge was very unfair and very biased towards Walid and seemed to be working in collusion with Essex police, who are the most corrupt police force that I have come across. This case raises many questions and concerns as to why a crown court Judge and Essex police conducted the trial the way they did.

The sentence he has received is barbaric and very excessive. The trial was prosecution lead and Walid had no chance. Everyone deserves a fair trial....

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