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Justice for victims not offenders

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My name is Samantha Nye

I am a Rape Survivor.

Read my story here

My story does not end with that article

In my childhood I was sexually abused by step granddad & my mothers boyfriend.  In my teenage years I was raped by a stranger whilst under the care of Social Services. In my adult life I was raped and then went on to be attacked and almost raped in my own home.

I want to use my life experiences to help others and inject my knowledge and strength into other victims.   I use to believe this is all I was born for, being a piece of meat to be used and thrown about with nobody to truly love and care for me but I now know this is not true and what these men have done to me is not acceptable nor normal behavior and it was never my fault.

My life goal is to help others and to use my experiences to take a stand and be a voice for myself and for others. I hope to gain out of this the support that is going to be needed in order for me to help victims. I am raising funds because I want to be able to help victims who are in financial hardship due to Sexual Abuse, Rape or Domestic Violence  it is very difficult to get back on your feet after such crime.

Help me to help our country be a safer place for our women, our men and most of all our children,I am raising awareness to have these crimes punished severely. I am fighting for harsher sentencing for offenders and rehabilitation programs to be implemented before the release of prison and to get the message out there that if you commit these horrendous crimes you will pay for it.

I was raped when I was 15 years old now 20 years later that same man is in prison for raping again, he was given 7 years for what he did to me 7 years that's all my life was worth that is not ACCEPTABLE when I have to live with the flashbacks of it repeating it self over and over again causing me the depression and anxiety that keeps overtaking my life, he robbed me of my life my teenager years the chance to finish school and get a good education and college education, the effects it caused me and even till this day, he never learned his lesson the time he did was not long enough or what he did whilst in prison was not harsh enough he learned nothing, I have to live with this for the rest of my life what that man took from me that horrible night I could never put it into words.

It is time to STAND up and give victims JUSTICE and offenders real punishment for the CRIME they committed freely.


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