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Investigate alternative, natural treatments for cancer. Let's start saving lives.

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Dear readers,

This petition has been put together to try and change how cancer is viewed as a disease. Consequently, the hope is that this will change how treatment is viewed. 

My father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it goes without saying how heartbreaking it is. Since his diagnosis I have spent endless hours reading papers on cancer, and it's treatments. The probability is that all of us have at some point, come across the terms, chemotherapy 'chemo' and radiotherapy. 

Well based upon on the information that is widely available on the web, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are toxic. They pollute the body and oncologists themselves have admitted they would not use an aggressive treatment like this themselves. So why do the majority of cancer sufferers get advised chemo and radio therapy is the best option, the only option?

This question is given more credibility from research and testimonials that have stated cancer has and can be treated naturally. Treatments such as

1, Gerson therapy - 2, Budwig protocol, 3, Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) - 4 Curcumin, 5, Vitamin C treatment - 6, Baking soda/ Sodium bicarbonate- 7, Certain teas such as Essiac Tea, 8 - Ozone therapy, 9- Ph treatment (Create alkaline blood levels in body). 

There are many more testimonials, and research papers out there. 

Therefore from an ethical point of view, a government that is meant to protect it's people. Should investigate the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiotherapy independently. While also examining the thousands of testimonials and research papers stating natural treatments have helped people rid themselves of cancer. 

The time is now to stop pharmaceutical corporations researching a synthetic treatment for cancer. The only goal being to patent and make money. 

The time is now to hold them accountable and for the government to fund independent research into natural cancer treatments. Hopefully, a cure.

I implore and encourage everyone who reads this, to sign and take action. We all, at some point will lose a loved one to cancer. Change can prevent this unnecessary heartbreak.

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