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Increase the Disabled Facilities Grant to £40,000

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A DFG is a grant provided by the council if you are disabled and need to make changes or adaptions to your home.

Our son Finley has a very rare life limiting brain disorder SCN2a, which means he is severely disabled and requires 24/7 medical and personal care. Due to his condition and his size he is unable to access the bedroom and bathroom upstairs. We therefore started the DFG process to have our house adapted. 

We had to go through a Mortgage Rescue process as we were unable to keep hold of our house due to the lose of my career. At the end of this very stressful 18month process our house was then owned by Housing Association. As they only purchase the house at 90% market value, we were then left with a £32,000 shortfall. 

Due to the severity of FInley's needs he required an accessible downstairs bedroom and wet room. The architect drawings were done and costings were obtained. Finley's build was just under £43,000 and the grant is only £30,000 so we were looking at a shortfall of £13,000 with no ability to borrow and with haven given up my career to care for him it was a massive worry.

£30,000 sounds a lot, but you do not receive the full £30,000 of the grant. The grant has to cover the professional fees (architect fees) which are 12% of the cost of the build and also VAT on those fees and VAT on the bedroom aspect of the adaptations. So once you take out the professional fees you now only have £26,400 and this doesn't take into account any vat on the bedroom. This is no where near enough to build an adapted bedroom and wet room for anyone.

With Finleys build out of the £43,000 cost nearly £9,000 are fees and vat. 

Finley slept in the living room for nearly 4years and with no ability to bath or shower, before he was provided with an adapted bedroom and wet room. It took years of fighting, stress and heart ache trying to find the additional funds to provide our son with what every child should have. During this time the living cinditions impacted hugely on Finley's health and on ours as a family.

The current grant value is £30,000 in England, £36,000 in Wales. Yes so if you live in Wales your entitled to a larger grant? There have been no increases in the Disabled Facilities Grant now for 10years. This grant does not fully support the more severely disabled children and adults in our communities and we know of many families that are going through the same stressful situation with poorly children. 

Please help support us and those with more vulnerable children who just want to provide a basic quality of life that others have access to. Please sign and share our petition thank you 

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