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Improve the quality of healthcare provided to expectant mothers

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We are reaching out to all mothers, fathers, husbands, sisters, aunties, brothers, uncles, Grandparents and all family members, we want to help protect the women in your family.

We want your support in petitioning to the UK government and NHS to improve the healthcare provided to expectant mothers during pregnancy. It is often the case that, if you are pregnant and attend hospital or your GP because you are experiencing some kind of health complaint, pain or just don’t feel right, they will prioritise the health of your unborn baby. Once they have checked that the babies’ heart is still beating and your blood pressure is not too high they send you away.

This leads to a large number of issues which are not diagnosed in expectant mothers, which can have deadly effects, not only on their babies, but also themselves. These conditions are often those which could have been treated if expectant mothers were given equal attention to their babies

Of course, the babies' health is massively important too, that is just another reason why there should be more, thorough checks on the health of the mother too, as after all a healthy mother increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

We are petitioning as a grieving family, the family of a young mum in her twenty’s who died along with her new-born baby, leaving behind her 2 year-old daughter, who died of a ruptured Splenic Artery Aneurysm (SAA) which has a very high maternal and fetal mortality rate. If more thorough health checks of expectant mothers had been carried out she may have received a diagnosis which could have led to treatment and ultimately the prevention of the aneurysm fatally rupturing; and still be here today bringing up two beautiful daughters.

We ask you to sign this petition today to push for healthcare policies to be changed, so we can take more care of our mothers health’, as well as their babies. Thank you.

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