Increase of state benefits to lower income households during the coronavirus pandemic

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I have started this petition asking for an increment in state benefits for low income families. Schools have been closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The government have put measures in place to help with mortgage payments rent payments. Additionally,small businesses have been offered tax breaks, loans and grants to alleviate financial burdens and prevent small business closures -this is an excellent and welcomed move.

However,  what has not been addressed are households on lower incomes.  Such households will also be impacted during this time as extra meals will need to be provided for pupils that will now be at home as a result of schools,colleges and nurseries being closed. Additionally,  heating and electricity bills are likely raise for those families that are self isolating and have young children. Similarly older people will be impacted.

I want to circulate this petition to address such needs that have currently been overlooked by our government. Low income families and individuals are also vulnerable. The increment of means tested benefits and pensions will alleviate any additional financial burdens ensure basic needs are met during this period.