Improve the working environment for those living with endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a life changing condition affecting 1 in 10 woman of a reproductive age.

In the UK alone around 1.5 million woman are living with endometriosis, making it the second most common gynaecological condition in the UK.

Costing the UK economy over £8.2bn a year, in treatment, loss of work and healthcare costs, endometriosis is an incurable chronic condition where cells in the lining of the womb appear outside of the womb, in places such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes or elsewhere in the pelvic area.

Diagnosing endometriosis is not as simple as diagnosing something like a ‘broken leg’ and it can take over seven and a half years for a woman to be diagnosed with the condition. We believe this lengthy diagnostic process will shorten if more people are aware of what endometriosis really is.

Living with this complex condition, which affects almost the same amount of woman who suffer with diabetes in the UK, is no easy feat and can leave sufferers facing day-to-day struggles. Anything from pelvic pain, heavy periods and infertility, to being unable to work or socialise, the list of challenges is endless.

Woman suffering with endometriosis sometimes have to take time off work to battle their pain or other obstacles which come with the condition. This can lead to employers dismissing them from their roles for taking too much time off. 

However, If there was more of an understanding from the employer regarding endometriosis, then perhaps woman would feel more comfortable within the work place. Employers could be more understanding if an employee suffering with the condition needs time off or time during work to help manage their pain.

Employers could be educated on what the condition is by being given, appropriate help booklets, expert talks, or by having conversations with their employees who suffer with the condition.

Please sign the petition to give employers a better understanding of what endometriosis is, so they can improve the overall working environment for their employees who live with the condition.