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Implement a license system to purchase acid

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I am one small person in a massive pond of many, I just hope I can make a difference through creating this petition. 

Over the past few months, I have noticed that acid attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace throughout the United Kingdom, mainly happening as a form of hate crime. The most recent case I discovered which led to me to investigate further was an attempt on 21 year-old Resham Khan and her cousin, leaving the pair of them with multiple burns, and her cousin in a coma.
Following the Brexit vote, hate crimes across the U.K. have risen significantly, with the Home Office suggesting that the number of hate crimes in July 2016 had been 41% higher than 12 months earlier. This is a massive incline and a vital issue which must be tackled, as the use of acid as a weapon is becoming sickeningly popular. 

There have been multiple incidents of these acid attacks occurring, a few instances being:

- August 2014: Lowestoft (Suffolk) A 23 year-old was waiting at a bus stop when she had acid thrown on her. Lost an ear and was left partially bald.

- December 2012: Dagenham (East London) A 22 year-old suffered burns to her face and the chest. Attacked close to home.

- 18/09/15: Guildhall Square (Southampton) A mother of 6 was attacked with drain cleaner containing sulphuric acid.

- 29/09/16: Knox Academy (Haddington) The victim was 17 years old.

- 21/06/17: Beckton (East London) Two victims, completely unprovoked. Took place on a 21st birthday outing.

These attacks listed are only the tip of the iceberg. Acid attacks leave people damaged and scarred for life, both physically and mentally, and should not be allowed to occur so easily. As The Express news site reported, '500ml of 96 per cent sulphuric acid was available online for just £4.95. A 1L bottle, or double the size, was also accessible for another pound at £5.95.'

The terrifying problem is that acid can be bought by anyone and everyone without a license or proof as to why the purchase of the product is necessary. This needs to be discussed and dealt with, with the result being to implement a license system. In these difficult times, this change will make our society a lot safer than it is, and shall prevent further acid attacks from taking place so easily.

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