I want to take my EU Referendum vote back, cancel it.

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Two years on from the Referendum vote in 2015 I wonder if you share my opinion that Leave voters were misled, misinformed and hoodwinked by the dishonest Leave campaign. They sold us a pack of lies.

Lie 1: We’d save £350 million a week to spend on the NHS.  The UK has never given £350 million to the EU, as we had a special rebate. Being outside the EU we will still have to make a sizeable contribution like Norway (in the EEA) does and even Switzerland (not in the EEA) which pays huge sums towards EU expenditure.  
Lie 2:  We'd be in charge of our own borders.  We are out of Schengen which means we can already check and deny entry at our airports and ports. We can use EC/2004/38, an EU directive that permits us to send back every EU citizen without a job, funds or comprehensive health care after only 3 months. We have control now.
Lie 3: We could control immigration. The Leave campaign was particularly devious here. They would have known that if the UK no longer had preferential access to EU markets with its labour mobility the UK would suffer greatly.  The Economist reports that the EU accounts for 43% of Britain’s goods exports and half its imports. In services, which make up 80% of British GDP and almost half of exports, the EU market is crucial.
Lie 4:  We'd be free to trade with the whole world. International trade today is not free trade, but trade regulated by regional, global and bi-lateral agreements and the UK’s ability to negotiate favourable terms as a single state would be much weaker outside the EU.
Lie 5.  A vote for Brexit would allow UK to reclaim its sovereignty.  British MEPs voted for 95% of EU laws, they abstained on 3% and only voted against 2%. We have the same sovereignty as all modern states have.
Lie 6:  We could make our own laws.  We already do.   A study from the Centre for European Policy Studies states that only “6.8 per cent of UK primary legislation and 14.1 per cent of UK secondary legislation” was passed in order to implement EU law.
Lie 7: Turkey would be joining the EU with Turks being able to move freely to the UK. Turkey has been trying to join the EU since 1999 but their application has stalled and is unlikely to be reopened.

The Leave campaign knowingly bamboozled the British public. We won’t be taken for fools anymore. We want our votes back.