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Create official global cryptocurrency to be adapted as official currency. No bank charges

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I want to create an official Cryptocurrency for the UK and globally that will be adopted as an official UK and Global currency made by actual UK Citizens.This enables Businesses and Citizens the ability to send funds to anyone anywhere in the world almost instantly and at very low fees(considerably cheaper than any Bank or provider like Visa,Mastercard or Paypal on a decentralized basis(using Blockchain Technology).More info on link below

This takes out the need for a third party I.e a Government, Agency or a Bank leaving the people in total control of there money.

A currency for the people powered by the people of the world.

Unlike some other countries that are trying to ban cryptocurrency but still want to adapt their own cryptocurrency just shows that the governments are embracing this new technology.

The UK adapts freedom of speech and the people of the UK are speaking now about the right to have a  global cryptocurrency for the people by the people.

Let's embrace this new up and coming technology of the future together and revolutionise the way the world operates and return the power back to the people.

If this petition does fail at Parliament it will only create more awareness and with the peoples backing this would still be adopted as its a decentralized platform that can never be taken down by any government or any other agency.

Therefore increasing the value of the coin.

For every confirmed signed petition as an incentive we will issue free coins(free money) upon launch to every confirmed signature.

Enabling us right away to a more beneficial and Financial future right from the offset.

Still allowing citizens and Businesses total freedom of there money and with somewhat anomity.

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