I want mortgages to be made available easier to long term renters.

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I want mortgages to be made available easier to renters

I'm confused and bewildered! I am paying off someone else's mortgage but am deemed unable to afford my own. Already I've paid 100k in rent and am forecast another 700k by retirement enough to buy 2-3 properties where I live. It is like a depressing game of monopoly and People are unable to roll the dice. Let's change This! Renting should be at least 35% cheaper and you shouldn't fund landlords full monthly mortgage repayments. Renting is fine for some. I  and hundreds of thousands have no alternative!

Some mortgage companies let homeowners acquire 100%+ mortgages. Call me cynical  but you can see why this is a problem. Landlords can then manipulate the rental market and also property market. I'm done ranting, I want action and I know millions of you do too My voice is to quiet I need your help! Please Sign this petition we all want a bite of the cherry