Help release Autistic son from psychiatric unit

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My son is a young autistic man with a rare form of autism pathological demand avoidance syndrome pda.He has spent most of his life with no help or support . Dispite us fighting as a family to get this for him.In 2015 my son was sent to a young offenders institution for arson after being involved with someone else. My son at the time was very vulnerable and had the mind of a 12yr old child and was not aware of the consequences. He just loved the emergency services and wanted to be a police man from a very young age. I asked for help from professionals but was totally son then ended up in glen parva young offenders where he was treated so badly he tried to take his own life causing him now to be physically disabled.He was transferred to a hospital 18 months ago and has very little freedom. Dispite never being violent or a threat to anyone it’s proving hard too get him out �.All my son wants now is a normal family life. Now age 22 and has the right Help and support he needs to be released.He never hurt anyone with his actions yet is being treated like he is a threat to society.please help me to get my son back

thank you �