Please Help Nahid for leave to remain&build a life! Unfair UKBA rules separate family life

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Nahid is a bright student who has successfully completed his MSc with Merit from London South Bank University recently. He was also in a process of doing his PhD. However, home office officials brought allegation against him that he has been working illegally in this country which is totally wrong. They are now in a process to deport him which will lead to re-entry ban resulting him not to be able to attend his graduation ceremony which is due this year September. Not only that, this unfair decision makes him an over-stayer significantly affecting future immigration application. To mention, international students are allowed to work with 20 hours restriction during term time and no restriction during university vacation. He was fully complaint with such immigration rules and had 100% attendance in his university. Besides this, he has established a strong family tie, embraced British culture and values during his residence. Moreover, his marriage ceremony has already been fixed on 4th of April which has already been approved by the home office. His fiance is also a student currently doing her MBA at prestigious Greenwich University. This unfair deportation and bigotry by home office will result in serious life changing negative life events not only for him but also for his fiance as they will be separated from each other and will have no opportunity to re-unite due to their nationality and religious differences.

Please sign this petition, send and share in every possible ways since your compassion and support can have the ultimate power to stop such injustice.

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