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Have more support put in place for people who have depression and suicidal thoughts.

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Recently the UK as a whole has seen an increase in suicides and cases of depression. It is difficult to put an exact figure on things like this as not everyone seeks help however it is estimated that 1 in every 4 people have depression in the UK. Whats even more worrying is the fact that a growing percent of that statistic are teenagers. Things such as social media and anonymous forum sites make it incredibly easy for someone to be bullied at school and online which is one of the leading causes of depression. In 2016 5,668 people in the UK committed suicide and it's safe to say that number should be 0. At the moment the government aren't doing enough to prevent suicides and I'm sure you'll agree with me that more funding should be put into the research of mental health issues such as depression and more programs and methods of helping people should also be implemented. 75% of the suicides in the UK are male and programs like the "Andy's man club" are beginning to help that statistic. Being only 13 I get a first hand view of what depression is like amongst people in that age range. It is scary to see the amount of teens affected by issues like depression and I can no doubt say that not enough is being done to help. An idea put forward by a group of people saying teachers should be trained to spot signs of depression and be trained to act in the correct way could really benefit schools. Mental health has always been a taboo topic but it should be discussed way more often. I will work with a group of people to build ideas on how we can improve our ways of dealing with this, a successful petition would help me reach the people in government who can get the ball rolling on a brighter future. Support for our campaign would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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