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Have all Suspected Terrorists Deported or Jailed !

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Its pretty clear to me that the UK government have had these radical people on the radar for what sometime, yet all they ever done was monitor them ,

Lets look back at this.

7th July 2007 7/7 bombing four separate suicide bombers targeted public commuters on their daily life on an underground and one on a double Decker bus bringing London to a stand still, killing 56 innocent people and injuring 700+.

22nd May 2013 A British Soldier”Drummer Lee Rigby” was murdered by two men on public streets claiming Islamist extremists armed with a handgun and several knifes

22nd March 2017 Westminster Attack Drove a car over Westminster bridge hitting several pedestrians in the process proceeding to Westminster gate where her stabbed a police officer before being shot dead, 5 people killed 12 people injured

22nd May 2017 A large explosion believed to be an IED at the Manchester Arena, Manchester City, killed 22 individuals and injured 59. The attack occurred shortly after an Ariana Grande concert, and is the most deadly terror related incident carried out in the UK since the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.

Here i have indicated 4 separate attacks that's happened here in the UK in the last 10 years of which shows 9 radical extremists Killing a total of 84 innocent people and injuring well over 750+ people on British grounds.

After all attacks the police have released statements indicating that part of their terrorist branch these 9 extremists have been on their radar at some point and no action was taken against them!

Look at this way if the British government protected their citizens by deporting all suspected terrorist or extremists haters there is a high possibility all 84 dead would be living and all 750+ wouldn't be affected by their ordeal that they encountered. Any terrorist who is being investigated should be deported out of OUR country not allowed to roam the street !

Stand together and fight back !!

Give these Extremists imprisonment or deport 

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