Hate crime should be treated as acts of terrorism.

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What our discussions turn on is whether by “merely” calling these crimes “hate crimes” we are taking them seriously enough. Failing to treat them as acts of terrorism, according to one argument, means not recognizing the gravity of the threat that such attacks demonstrate towards the targeted group and to society in general. A recurring theme in this debate is why authorities, as well as the dominating media, are more likely to refer to something as terrorism when there is an Islamic element involved. Both “Hate crime” and “terrorism” are concepts with vague boundaries. But clearly, their applications overlap: A crime can be both a hate crime and an act of terrorism. Moreover, what makes a crime a hate crime and what makes it an act of terrorism overlap as well. How will you justify if racially aggravated person kill someone and that will only be treated as hatred crime. Hatred crime are increasing day by day just because there is no tough law or punishment in place. We want parliament to treat every hat crime under terrorism act so no one dare to destroy some one family and apart our society.


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