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Harsher penalties for employers who discriminate against disabled workers!

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I am calling for harsher penalties for employers who discriminate against people with learning difficulties within the working environment.

Last year, I was discriminated by a previous employer. In fully knowledge of my dyslexia, they failed to give me adequate support and make reasonable adjustments to the work place. They subsequently dismissed me on the grounds that I was not capable of doing my job, when I was perfectly qualified to carry out the role and would have been able to had these arrangements been put in place. I was made to feel inadequate and as a result of the dismissal suffered a series of health issues, both physical and mental.

Dyslexia is covered under the 2010 Equality Act, and legally it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to accommodate it. However, after having spoken to legal professionals, it is clear that it is becoming more common that employers are finding ways to circumvent this while protecting themselves. I explored the possibility of going to court due to my situation, and was told that there was only a 60% chance of winning, and that if I were to lose I would have to foot a legal bill of over £10,000. As a result, I felt unable to pursue this due to lack of funds.

I am calling for this Act of Parliament to be reinforced, with harsher penalties prescribed to such discrimination. Further, I generally call for equal rights within the work place so that people with learning difficulties can have a fair opportunity to contribute to the working environment without being discriminated against.

I wish to call upon parliament to review the act, how it is enforced and to implement new legislation with the object of reinforcing the rights of dyslexic workers.

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