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STOP Pakistani sponsored terror attacks in the UK. Halt British Foreign Aid to Pakistan.

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There is a terror connection between Pakistan and Great Britain. Many of the planned or successful Islamist attacks in Britain have been linked directly or indirectly to Pakistan. British authorities have acknowledged that the Al-Qaeda network based in Pakistan poses the greatest terrorist threat to Britain. Pakistani Mosques actively promote the conquest of the world for Islam and validate violence against people of other faiths. The British government has yet to address this problem at its roots in Pakistan where Islamists have infiltrated deep into the police and armed forces.

According to the 1,000-page report — "Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offenses and Attacks in the UK (1998–2015)" which was published on March 5 by the Henry Jackson Society, a foreign policy think tank based in London, over half of Islamist Related Offences taking place in the UK are committed by young British men of mainly Pakistani origin and a smaller minority from Bangladesh. Many of these hold dual nationality and travel back to Pakistan regularly.

Upon arrival significant numbers are transported to Balochistan which is under a complete media blackout by the Pakistani military owned media outlets covering up a state sponsored ethnic cleansing campaign against the secular Baloch people.

The Pakistani government has awarded Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS large tracts of land in Balochistan for terrorist training as the media blackout ensures these Islamists remain undetected by the outside world.

We urge the British government to stop foreign aid to Pakistan, the majority of which is passed on from the Pakistani Army straight to their Islamist proxies whom use it to plot terror attacks in the UK.


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