Government funded counselling for Bereaved Parents.

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After the sudden loss of my son just before the end of 2019, my grieving wife and I, like so many parents before us, were lost and confused. We were looking for support from the local authorities, in the form of some government funded bereavement counselling. There was none. 

If I were a recovering alcoholic, drug addict or prison inmate I would be able to receive government funded support. As a parent, who has had their whole world shot pieces with no warning, I am just left to work things out alone. 

What seems crazy is the impact of the grief on my family could very easily lead myself or any parent to turn to the bottle or to drugs. Grief like this can, if left, lead to mental health issues. If this happened then I'd get help.

Surely it can not be right that I have to get worse before I can have help to get better.

Please support me in getting support from the UK government to help grieving parents, and get this discussed in Parliament.

You never know when you could become a bereaved parent and be in need of help, don't wait until you need the help until you fight for it. 

Help me, help grieving parents, it could be you one day, I really hope not, it hurts, it really hurts.