Government Assistance for Newly Self Employed

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The latest announcement by the UK Government completely disregards any sort of fiscal assistance for those who are newly self employed and have not yet submitted tax returns. 

What this means is that thousands of self employed people will be forced to resort to Universal Credit living off a mere £94 a week. 

The newly self employed are in an even more dangerous position as many have not yet saved the money that is imperative to transferring to self employment. Nor the industry contacts to ensure that they are able to work over those who have been working in their prospective industries longer and therefore have a paper trail.

The plan put in place for those with tax returns is fair but leaving out newly self employed merely because they do not have a tax return paper trail is unjust, lazy and means destitution for many. 

The current solution is half baked and the attitude of Rishi Sunak dismissive. He states that "You have not been forgotten, you will not be left behind, we are all in this together." Except if you are newly self employed, as he says "there is nothing we can do".

I am asking that further plans be made to accommodate the newly self employed so that we too may survive this pandemic without losing our homes and the ability to support ourselves and our families.