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Give work rights to all pending Visa Applicants to contribute in UK Economy

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Main points
Immigration to the UK continues to be higher than emigration, meaning that more people are coming to live in the UK than are leaving.

Net migration, the difference between the number of people coming to live in the UK and the number of people leaving to live elsewhere, fell to 230,000 in the year ending June 2017. This was down from the recent peak seen in the year ending June 2016 and is now at a similar level to 2014. 

Over the longer term, varying levels of net migration are not unusual and we have seen net migration rise and fall between 140,000 and 336,000 over the last 20 years.

While immigration continues to be higher than emigration, the total number of people immigrating has fallen. At the same time, the number of EU citizens emigrating has increased.

The number of people moving to the UK to take up a “definite job” has remained stable, however, fewer people were coming to the UK “looking for work”.

Long-term immigration to study (141,000) for all nationalities saw a decrease of 23,000 (not statistically significant) from YE June 2016; most were non-EU citizens (95,000 – down 18,000); however, the comparable number of study visas issued rose by 5% to 143,735.
In YE September 2017, a total of 15,618 people were granted asylum, resettlement or an alternative form of protection; this is similar to the previous year’s total of 15,433.

on a verge in the UK approximately more than 100,000  application pending in different categories and Home office stop sometime their work right according to the rules and sometime due to their old status like student with work placement or no work allowed etc .Our request to UKVI and Govt to allow people work right, especially those whose status is not overstayed previously, so they can contribute to UK economy by doing jobs or other works. In that case they will pay NI , Taxes etc which will be good for UK Economy and their survival too.

I hope Home office will look into this matter for better prospective of the country .

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