Give the Police the funding they need to protect us

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Tina Townsend
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Many of our towns have seen a rise in crime and anti-social behaviour since the government announced austerity measures.
Having worked closely with Essex Police, to help reduce crime in our local area, it became very apparent that there is not enough funding for the Police to carry out their jobs effectively.
Essex Police were forced, due to funding cuts, to make about a third of their PCSO’s redundant. Assuming all the officers are working, then each officer is responsible for about 18 square miles, assuming they work an 8-hour shift. However, we know that they would not all be working as they may be on leave or off sick so the area is increased.
Many Police forces have now become reliant on volunteers who are not paid to assist them and, although the volunteers do a fantastic job, why should people be expected to offer their time freely to police our country; surely this should be funded effectively by the government and not the general public’s generosity, after all we are all charged via our community charge to pay for this.
It is accepted that the priorities are now different due to the way society has changed and investigations are more intelligence based so this means that the officers are not able to be out and about as they are following up on information that is gathered.
This, however, means that petty crime cannot always be effectively investigated and often must be overlooked due to higher priority incidents.
There is also a marked decrease in police being visible on our streets, which we feel gives out the wrong message to the criminals.
We accept that the chance of an officer coming across a crime in progress is unlikely but visibility is a deterrent in a lot of situations.
All these facts lead to crime going unreported as the public are losing faith in our emergency services. This creates a vicious circle of crimes being repeated and the community becoming more disillusioned. It also is perceived that our country is a soft target for criminal activity.
One of the key points used by the police is that eliminating a problem as source is more effective than letting it escalate.
We very much accept that the country needs austerity but not at any cost!
Why should we not have an effective service?
It has been said that the Police do not use the resources efficiently but our Police are a team of dedicated people frustrated that they cannot achieve what they joined the force for, who are trying to carry out their jobs, the same as we all are, but with no proper resources to achieve it.
We need the government to increase the funding to our Police Force so that they can do their job........protect us

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