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Get the Government to put more funding into the Mental Health system

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I have suffered with mental health issues for around the last 7 years of my life and I am now 22 years old. This specifically being severe OCD and anxiety. Sadly to say, some people think these sort of mental health issues are minor but from personal experience I can most definitely say they are not, and massively effect people's day to day lives.

I am writing this petition because I have recently re-admitted myself to therapy and it has taken me nearly 4 months to get an assessment alone. I was then told at the end of my session I would be placed on another 9 month waiting list for my one to one counselling service despite the profound effect this is having on my life.

1 in 4 people around the world suffer from a mental health issue at some point in their life, but you have to also take into consideration the amount of people who suffer in silence. In England and Wales suicide is the main killer of men aged 20-49. Why is this? Many agree its because of the society that we live in, men do not feel like they can speak to someone about their issues because they fear it will mean they are perceived as weak. In the last 3 months of 2016 it has been revealed that 100 children who started therapy had waited more than a year to receive it.

When I was seeking help when I was younger I was waiting around 6 weeks for an assessment, and roughly around 3 months for my weekly service. That time frame was still too long but now waiting almost 4 months for an assessment and a further 9 for my service is just an outrage. There are many people in my position and my counsellor even felt the wait was disgusting. She also informed me that they are making cuts year on year when we all hear in the news how so much is being done to help people with mental health issues.

I do not hold the mental health system responsible at all as they are doing the best they can in their given situation and I highly respect them and their commitment. It is the government who are responsible. It is ludicrous to me that in 2014, 6,581 people committed suicide and the government can not put more funding into a mental health system that probably could have saved many of these people's lives . Quite frankly, they are failing thousands of people within this country everyday. This needs to be discussed and taken much more seriously by the government. It is evident now more than ever that the mental health services and funding the government are offering to our country are simply not good enough.

There needs to be more done about mental health in this country and the government need to act. Now.


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